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Entertainers Resource Directory grew out of a thought to provide artists, entertainers with leads, contact information on venues nationwide. These early thoughts have evolved into what is now known as the Entertainers Resource Directory. The information contained within our directory is not restrictive to a specific music genre, venues or formats presented. We have not selected large venues over small, large cities over small towns or the type of establishments listed. Entertainers Resource Directory's  exclusive music entertainment portal offers our site visitors a full banquet of musical choices with room for the hottest names, bands, singers, entertainers, inspiring independent artists and rising upstarts. As part of our directory, we provide a diverse and unique composition of worldwide live music and entertainment venues like, cabaret theaters, comedy clubs, worldwide music festivals, nightclubs, hotels, cafés, bistros, bars, casinos, nationwide radio stations and much more. Visitors will find music related businesses such as entertainment law firms, music instrument manufacturing and retail dealers, recording companies, recording studios, mastering labs, record publishing, production, record distributors, light and sound, CD duplicators, theatrical agents, theatrical management, public relation firms, songwriters and recording rights organizations.

Entertainers Resource Directory strives to provide increased exposure and shine a bright spotlight on artist, entertainers by utilizing our home page featured artists and indie artist hyperlink CD promotions. Our home page promotions are perfect in helping artists and entertainers reach their target audience while building a strong following and fan base.

From music related business advertisement to artists CD promotions, our informative format and platform is equally beneficial for music related business sponsorship and promotions. Since the explosive dawning of the 'digital marketing environment' the original rules of customer engagement have been rewritten. More than 80% of time spent on the web is done by consumers 17-49 years old. Sharing similar target demographics, we are well positioned to reach those consumers that buy things, spend and support all forms of music and entertainment. With our worldwide directory format, sorted by State/City/Province/Country, we are able to support local as well as worldwide businesses reach their target while establishing a broader web presence.

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