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Anthony David is an American R&B singer-songwriter. He is best known for his 2008 song "Words", a duet with contemporary R&B singer India Arie and his winning album "Acey Deucy".


Georgia native Anthony David has spent his whole life writing songs. Now his riveting story telling, passionate guitar playing and stirring voice will be featured on his major label debut Acey Deucy and introduce the world to Soulbird Music, a new venture between Universal Republic Records and the multi-Grammy winning artist India.Arie.

Anthony David is a Grammy nominated Neo Soul singer/songwriter out of Atlanta GA. Raised in Savannah, Anthony moved to Atlanta after a short stint in the US Army, and began pursuing his career in music. Immediately upon arriving, Anthony met India Arie, and began penning songs and performing locally, gaining a large local following. David wrote Part of my life, on Arie’s grammy award winning album Acoustic Soul, as well as producing tunes on her follow up albums, and toured with her as a backing vocalist. Shortly after, he joined friends Cufi and Cosmo to form the funk/rap outfit, El Pus, and participated in the recording of their Virgin records debut, Hoodlum Rock.

Embarking on a solo career in 2004, Anthony signed to indie label Brash Music, and released  two albums 3 Chords & The Truth, and The Red Clay Chronicles . Via licensing deals with Dome records in Europe, and in Village Again Records Japan, David toured internationally and gained critical acclaim throughout. Universal Records came calling in2008, and released a compilation of the two indie records, titling the album Acey Duecy. The first single, "Words", climbed up the charts and eventually garnered a Grammy nomination, and gaining even more fans. David is currently touring, and working on his new album, entitled, As Above, So Below. The current single 4evermore featuring Algebra, and Phonte, shows that Anthony continues to deliver the feel good soul that he has become known for, and is a talent that is here to stay.

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