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BIOGRAPHY - Camille Alvey


From the moment Camille Alvey first opened her mouth to sing, it was obvious she was bound for greatness. Camille Alvey is not your typical country artist, but a world traveler, actress, model and Euro-pop starlet too. Though her independent spirit has led Camille along a unique path to Music City, she comes by her country credentials honestly. Camille Alvey has undoubtedly earned her stripes by living a true-to-life country song.

Born in Los Angeles, Camille was adopted by a Cuban mother and Utah- native father, whose mysterious business ventures compelled the family to move all around the US, including a year spent in Mexico City. At age five, she began to play the piano and guitar by ear. By age seven, she began writing songs – "Fantastic songs," Camille laughs. "Or so I thought. I actually called the local news station in Tucson to tell them about the amazing seven-year old songwriter practically living in their own backyard." At age nine her adoptive mother died of breast cancer and two years later, Camille's father re-married and settled the family in Utah. Throughout her teens, she studied acting and modeling while continuing continuing to write and sing. Over the next few years, she landed voice over gigs and was featured in eight movies and three television series. Camille eventually landed back in her hometown of Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, but this time with two young children in tow. After pounding the pavement for some time, Camille regretfully returned to Utah feeling as if her dream of being an entertainer was slipping away. As fate would have it, Camille won an MTV Spring Break trip through a local radio station, where she handed off a current music demo to a Seattle DJ who eventually passed it along to a record label in Chicago. Impressed with her vocals, songwriting skills and image, the label knew they had found just what they were looking for. They immediately flew Camille to Chicago, where she was signed on the spot. Just when Camille was supposed to fly to Europe to accept a Grammy, the label canceled the trip and subsequently disappeared. Camille remembers... "As quickly as it began, it was over". It was a devastating experience, but it certainly taught Camille a great deal about the music business and about herself. She got her next shot when a friend, who was producing a variety show for the local WB affiliate, asked her to write some intro music. That opportunity turned into a hosting gig, which landed her back in the limelight of television. Camille's tenacious desire to be an artist was quickly reignited. "I grew up on country music like Johnny Cash, so I came to realize that it fit me perfectly. It just evolved naturally." Camille then contacted Priscilla Petersen, an Artist Manager in Nashville, who became smitten with Camille's unique sound. "I was blown away by her voice," Priscilla explains. "She can make any song sound like it was made for her." Despite the concerns of some friends and family, Camille took the leap of faith by moving to Nashville to begin the next chapter in her life. Finally, Camille Alvey has found her home in Nashville and in country. Camille has toured in New York, Chicago, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, London (UK), Seattle, Los Angeles, Sun Valley and of course in Nashville.Her current album is a sassy and upbeat collection of songs that perfectly incorporates her vivacious personality with her love for country music.

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