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Frederic-Paul Lallet started piano at age of 7 through the Musical Confederation of France before pursuing in parallel his musical studies at the Marseilles Conservatory, presided at that time by pianist Pierre Barbizet. He studied counterpoint, harmony, and saxophone, graduating with a 1er Prix of Solfege in 1975.

At the age of 18 left the south of  France for Los Angeles. Studied at the Dick Grove School of Music. Numerous Master Classes with top musicians and composers: Lalo Schiffrin, Henri Mancini, Pat Martino, Russell Ferrante...

Pianist composer and improvisor, his personal crossover style, close to the  "Third Stream" movement (a synthesis of classical music and jazz music) blends a large sound palette ranging from Thelonious Monk to Charles Valentin Alkan.

His workmanship in writing and experimental improvisation has been officially acknowledged by the Superior National Music Conservatory of Paris.

He has recorded in duo and trio with the famous Eddie Gomez, double bass player of master jazz pianist Bill Evans, hick Corea and Danny Gottlieb drummer of guitarist Pat Metheny. He has also recorded with double bass player Viktor Dovskin, drummer Viktor Espaneshnikov and the german guitarist Werner Hucks.

He has recorded several short film music for the cabled TV and jingles for the radio. Asked to compose and arrange for the recording of the gospels on compact disc, his work received the official recognition of  the national and international oecumenical authorities.

He received the Medal of Honor from the French Cultural Ministry in 1998 for his musical committment. He gives recitals in several countries: Africa, Australia, USA and Europe.

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