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Gilda is Dominican, born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, and is the first of her generation to get involved in music. She practiced and wrote her own songs at a young age. The talent that had remained a best kept secret until she joined her first church choir, was finally exposed, when she showed some vocal chops. Still not being able to express herself completely, she looked in the paper and found a band audition for singers, and proceeded to impress and was hired on the spot. That would be her first band expierience, which in turn provided her with a little bit of cash and room to develop her skills in the studio, along with acquiring knowledge of song stucture and creative song writing. She spent alot of time writing about her own personal expieriences or what was about to happen in her life she was mainly influenced by major artists like Mariah Carey for her melodic and vocal acrobats, Brian McNight for his intricate riffs, creative melodies and chords. The fullness of Barbara Streisands voice and smoothness of Anita Bakers all served as inspiration for Gilda's direction in music. Gilda is a singer and songwriter in the English and Latin language. She has performed around the world in numerous live arenas in locations such as Europe, St. Thomas, Florida, and Hawaii. Gilda has also performed in the concert choir for Michael Bolton, Reba McKintire and Celine Dion. She's written and recorded a Pop/Alternative CD, and colaborated with other artists, writing R&B, Pop, Latin and Alternative music and lyrics, including singing backround vocals for Portuguese artists as well, learning the hooks on the spot.Gilda is currently promoting her songwriting catalog which includes songs off of her Alternative, R&B, and Latin CD. Local appearances include performing for the Dominican and Puerto Rican festivals and various clubs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Gilda also performs on jingles and records background vocals for various artists in the New England area, and is considered one of the most well-known and talented female vocalists in the General Business venues in New England. Other credits or accomplishments include winning the "USA Songwriting Contest" for the song "Reality Check" and placing the song "Natural Thing" in the movie American Desi. Gilda's music is a mix of Pop, Alternative, Adult Contemporary and R&B.

Her smooth and sweet sounding vocals are angelic and sincere. Capturing the Latin market with her spanish music Gilda also writes in Spanish and truly shows her dedication and love of music in her songs. Through out the years Gilda has shown her true dedication to music by continuing to perform live in the band Mystique and will be showcasing her original songs very soon, so be on the look out for Gilda Betancourt. Inspired by life's path and leading to life's freedom. Don't miss out on this amazing journey! Wild, Fun and Sexy!

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