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The music of Imperial Crowns is gonna make you wanna do Something Liberating! Most likely, you won't wanna go rob a liquor store after hearing (and hopefully witnessing) these hard working souls, but ya never know, either way you'll be left with an impression that's gonna stay with ya for a good long time. These days, there are those who feel The Blues should be kept "pure"... locked up in a museum, and worshipped. Well, Imperial Crowns say Kiss My Ass to that! Preachin' the blues everywhere they go, pimpin' the blues like a lowdown 'ho!!!

Here's the short list of some of the heavyweights these cats have played with over the years in their own careers, either in the studio or in the touring bands: Greg Allman, Sam Moore, Bruce Springsteen, Gladys Knight, Bob Dylan, Mick Taylor, PIL, Beck, Mike Ness, Megadeath, Andy Summers, Andre Heller, Taj Mahal, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Cheap Trick, Jean Luc Ponty, Freddie Hubbard, Billy Preston, Bruce Hornsby, Ofra Haza, Chuck E. Weiss, Robert Jr. Lockwood, The Blues Brothers, Sunnyland Slim, Gus Cannon, Wolf Mann, Otis Clay, Charlie Musselwhite, Freddie King and the list goes on...Michael Barsimanto doesn't just play the drums. He whups the drums. He teases the drums. He worships the drums! Knockin' hip cats out from coast to coast, and across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He's a quiet kinda dude. He don't talk too damn much. That's because he's feelin' rhythm in the air, in nature and sounds. There's always a beat pulsing through his soul! You'll feel it too, when ya hear him do his thing. If ya can't feel it, go down to the coroner, and have yourself pronounced dead!. Keith "Foxxe" Karman is a bad cat with sharp claws! Still a young man but definitely an old soul, with as much depth and ability as any well seasoned player twice his age. Rollin' like thunder over the land, he bends himself over that bass guitar and delivers his message. The foundation is here baby! His face will break out in a cheshire cat grin as if he's even astounding himself at the bad ass shit he's layin' down! We won't even talk 'bout the response he gets from the women in the audience. You can dig that for yourself!

J J Holiday has got a big greezy sound when he plays his axe. A stone soul poet of the slide guitar, he carries the Delta in his ass pocket. He's played on all kinds of modern shit, some movies etc. But his debut was as the unknown sideman on the last known recordings made for the now defunct Paramount label's famed 13,000 race series ( Paramount Records : Home of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Hokum Boys, Biddleville Quintette & The Jubilee Gospel Team). He was just about to embark on his solo career for their satellite label QRS, when all holy hell broke loose due to that big crash of 19 and 29. Paramount folded up shop right quick. Suddenly in those meatless and wheatless days, JJ spilt for the Windy City. He served as a "Pinko" during the 1930's labor wars. Through the 40's, he continued to accompany some of the great blues legends from those grand old days gone by and pioneered the first electric musical saw. He continued performing with it at barndances across the North Eastern US until meeting an untimely death in 19 and 58. Whilst playing during a stormy weekend hoedown, he was electrocuted in a super Freak accident! 3 days after this, he arose in the Big Apple & opened up a little barbershop.

He soon earned a reputation for shaving the best "O'Reilly" in town. He shaves 'em dry n' close folks! Circa '62, he was "rediscovered" by the TV legend Lloyd Thaxton in a Greenwich Village coffee shop. Through the 60's he played for throngs, albeit very dirty, hippies in the post-folk scenes... gave a shot at the glitter & punk scenes, but failed miserably. Back to Chicago, broke & long forgotten, by the winter of '81 he was found laying frozen in the snow round Christmas time... dead again! So who was Justin Jesting anyway? Who is Mr. Holiday's mom? Called her Grandma. Well folks, J J Holiday really knows how to raise a RUKUS! And a little sand too! Grandma and Grandpa will love him just as much as teenagers!

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