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The new album is finally a culmination of the the music that fans know and love from Jade, and the sound of who she is today. It is full of rich ballads, perspective altering mid tempos, and a few dance tunes just to spice things up. “Writing the last album was really therapeutic for me. When I listen to “Bittersweet Symphony" it feels like a musical documentary of my life while creating it. Every song is a story about some emotional milestone that I experienced at that time. I was living with my best friend while recording this album, and so the album has been deemed the sound track of our lives for those months. Heartbreak and starting over are major themes on the album, and some songs are simply about wild weekends we had. The album arrived at its name because it is the music of a bittersweet and revolutionary time of my life."

Musically the album shows the creative roots of Jade and Geo, and has shades of the old classic/pop combo that the creative team is known for. The track "Unbreakable" features Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and another track Out in the Sea features "The Flower Duet", from the opera 'Lakme' by Delibes. Jades favorite tracks "Like a Bird", Razorman, and "Empty Pages" exemplify the song writing teams maturity, and remind you that when it comes to sentimental pop not many do it with as much heart honesty as Jade Valerie doe The album also saw a departure from the widely varied sounds Jade has become known for, this time opting for many of the tracks to showcase a typical pop, dance, or ballad sound. It also, for the first time, featured a mainly piano-oriented track, as well as a guest writer for tracks "We Can Run" and "Undone". After nearly eight years and numerous gold and platinum albums as Sweetbox, Jade Valerie put a new spin on her career when last fall she left her stage name behind, and debuted her album "Out of the Box" under her own name.

While still very young, Jade Valerie is hardly new to the entertainment industry - aside from her mega successful career as the face and voice of Sweetbox, Jade filmed her first TV commercial at 5, she then ventured onto Broadway and then onto Hollywood. She has a meaty resume in TV, including top shows Recue 911, Touched by an Angel, Several movies of the week and a guest star spots on several music videos including TLC's "Unpretty". While acting and theatre were a great introduction to the industry, Jade wanted more, she wanted to write and sing.

Jade's roots as an artist sprung from her passion for musical composition. Jade remembers, "I always loved country music, rock and blues. Growing up listening to songs written by Stevie Nicks, James Taylor and Gary Burr is what first inspired me to want to be a songwriter and express myself in that way. They were so emotional and said things so simply, yet so beautifully. I was moved by great songs and emotional voices from an early age. Pop music is where Jade eventually found her home. While her sound is different from her early idols, it is still about great songs that inspire people with thoughtful lyrics, sentiment and emotional performances. After a few years of struggling in Los Angeles scene, Jade's voice and songwriting talent was discovered by Alan Rich. Alan introduced Jade to Geo, and the rest is history and the future. As the face and voice of sweetbox, Jade not only earned international success as an artist, she was also the voice of a popular final fantasy character, featured in campaigns by Subaru and achieved many other accolades the list too long to list individually. She has become of the best selling international artists in Asia and earned her place in the history of the Japanese music market.

At the moment Jade is looking forward to touring with the new albums, and finding new
inspiration for songs.

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