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Born in Houston on April 3, 1985, Clay was showing his talents by 6th grade, practicing the guitar with his father and honing such skills at an early age. Evolving to putting passion to paper, high school brought the advancement of combining lyrical luster with the melodical resonance of the guitar. Looking back, he recalls the times of recording tracks with school buddies and selling their ‘album’ for five dollars. I first started playing when I was 16. Got serious about it when I was 18. It was like someone finally turned the lights on. I had never been so motivated about anything in my life. I didn't want to go to college. All I wanted to do was play guitar and make music. In hindsight, I'm really glad I ended up going to school though. I enrolled at Texas State University in 2004, and the following years were crucial to my development and confidence as a songwriter and performer. I played around campus, and really had a pressure free environment to let my creativity come and go. After 2 years of school, I started going less to class and focused more on building a career as a performing musician. I felt like at that point school had served it's purpose in my life, and I decided to find out what it was like to pursue music full time. Scary, but it was the most natural, calculated decision I have ever made.

I started working to put together a tour, and for the first time, I travelled around the country playing my music for people. There are things you experience that you will never forget, and that tour was one of those experiences. The good, the bad, the positive and the negative. It taught me so much. I've been fortunate enough to have gone on a few tours after that, and I've put out a few albums too. I've been lucky enough to share the stage with many of the same people that I look up to. I don't really think I saw myself here when I was first starting out, but I knew this was what I wanted.

For nearly a decade, this self-inspired artist has been paving the way to musical distinction, creating sincere melodies and grabbing listener’s hearts and souls with each note. Hit tracks from the debut album earned spots in nationally broadcasted reality shows, independent movies and radio shows across the nation. Whether you choose to call it hard work or destiny, one thing is for certain – this small town man is ready to prove what he was put on this earth to do. “I’m right where I need to be.”

I have by no means "made it", but I live and breathe music, and I love my life. To me, that counts for a whole lot. Looking at my end goal is daunting. I've got a longer way to go than I think I can really comprehend but that's ok. I hope you'll stick around, and see where things go. As cliche as it sounds, I mean it when I say thank you. To everyone who has ever purchased an album of mine from itunes, everyone who comes to a show and knows the words, and everyone who passes my name along; you keep me going.

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