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In both critical respect and global commercial success, Juanes has become the leading all-Spanish language music artist in the world declared “the single most important figure of the past decade in Latin music” by The Los Angeles Times and herald by Rolling Stone as “A Latin American Superstar and One of The World’s Biggest Rock Stars.” Both an electrifying guitarist and intensely expressive songwriter, Juanes is Latin Music’s leading social activist and is often cited as a contemporary of artists such as Bono and Bruce Springsteen for his belief in the possibility of societal change through music. Juanes’ musical message of peace confronts the violence of Colombia’s continued struggle, as well as conflict across the world, while pointing to the love of family and respect for humanity as the way to rise above the fray. Millions of fans have adopted the songs of this poetic rocker as virtual anthems for Latino pride, prayers for peace, and the strength of love. Named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, Juanes’ dedication as a global activist extends far beyond his passionate lyrics, and can be seen in the philanthropic causes to which he dedicates his continued time and energy. Through the work of his own Fundación Mi Sangre Juanes is internationally recognized as a leading crusader in the fight against the use of Anti-personnel mines both in Colombia and across the world. In addition to working toward the eradication of the deadly devices, the Mi Sangre Foundation actively provides assistance and rehabilitation to landmine victims throughout Colombia. Juanes’ work on behalf of the injured has seen him give the first music performance in the main chamber of the EU Parliament spurring a 2.5 million Euro donation for landmine victims, organize the highly successful Colombia sin Minas benefit concert in Los Angeles, raise money for the creation of a Peace Park in Medellin with recreation facilities designed for the disabled, and recently act as a featured speaker at “The Cartagena Summit on a Mine-Free World”. Having expanded its mission, the foundation now also works extensively in the area of increasing Early Childhood Development throughout Latin America.

In addition to the specific efforts of Fundación Mi Sangre, Juanes is also internationally lauded as a co-founder and principal organizer of the historic Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders) concerts which seek to unite common citizens across borders and advocate for the continued use of non-violent conflict resolution. Organized in just one week in 2008 in response to quickly escalating border tensions, the first Concierto Paz Sin Fronteras united over 200,000 music fans (and millions of TV viewers) at the border of Colombia and Venezuela in a demand for regional peace. The second PSF concert,staged on September 20th, 2009 to coincide with The United Nations’ International Day of Peace, saw a record-breaking 1.2 Million young Cubans fill Havana’s Revolution Square in a demonstration of unity and the hope for “One Cuban Family”. Covered by media outlets across the globe, CNN hailed the event as a “huge success, where Juanes won the affection of the Cuban people” and The Economist declared the day as a “watershed moment in United States-Cuban relations.” In recognition of his philanthropic work, the Colombian President has declared Juanes “Colombia’s greatest Ambassador.”Juanes has also been honored by Sir Paul McCartney at the 2005 Adopt a Minefield Gala, been awarded the designation of Knight of The Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government, named the 2008 “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Organization of American States and recently awarded Colombia’s prestigious National Peace Prize by joint vote of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and representatives of leading Colombian media outlets. Additionally, Juanes has performed twice at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo and recently joined Alicia Keys as the featured performers at the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

Of course, the content of the sealtruistic messages is not effective if the messenger does not reach people, and it is safe to say that Juanes is certainly Latin Rock’s leading force in reaching fans – both through album sales and consistently sold-out concerts.  To date, Juanes has sold over 12Million records worldwide – over the course of just four albums. He has garnered a record-setting seventeen Latin Grammy Awards - leading the award field each time he has released an album. Most recently, Juanes completed another five-for-five sweep of the Latin Grammy telecast in 2008 – including the awards for Album, Record and Song of the Year. With several dozen additional music awards to his credit-including the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album, Juanes has consistently topped both album and singles charts in the United States, Europe, and across all of Latin America.  His most recent album La Vida… Es Un Ratico was the top-selling Latin album at iTunes for all of 2008, and its first single “Me Enamora” notched a five month (20 week) run at #1 on Billboard’s “Hot Latin Songs” Chart – the longest #1 chart run of any Latin song over the last 3 years. In addition to the obvious support of fans, radio and his fellow artists, Juanes’ music has received far-reaching critical acclaim:

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