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BIOGRAPHY - Kelly Erez

Kelly Erez, EP This Is Me’ delivers powerful tracks with enticing vocals.

Kelly Erez is being touted as the next big thing and there is every reason to belief that this is true. 'This Is Me' is full of powerful ballad type tracks from 'Letters' to 'Hand On My Heart' and a cover of the Burt Bacharach classic '(They Long To Be) Close To You' that allow her beautiful voice to immerse in her world of love. With a plethora of the younger generation wanting to jump on the dance tsunami which is sweeping the UK, Erez is not only going to buck the trend, she is forging a niche as perhaps one of a very few singers that are delving into that classic Rn'B of the 90’s. But no fear while her influences are the main protagonists like Brian McKnight and others, the EP is clearly Kelly Erez. Soft enticing vocals and poignant words are the order of the day. 'Letters' is a Testament to her talent the EP sees the creative juices of some of the UK’s big hitters in terms of writing: Steve Bush the writer for the brilliant Corinne Bailey Rae. Aubrey Nunn, writer for the equally brilliant and enigmatic Faithless. And Ian Carter, who has been behind some of the Sugababes’ most successful hits. Add a family connection with her sister Natalie also supplying her talents and the EP delivers as an introduction to a lady that has already got Utube (sometimes a good barometer for success) buzzing with excitement with acoustic covers of tracks like 'Is This Love' by Whitesnake: it’s brilliant and so is Kelly Erez. Kelly Erez is a singer/songwriter who lives for her music. Her performances and creative output encapsulate her passion for her art, something that is clear to all that meet her and know her music. Kelly’s music comes in more than one flavour and this is demonstrated well by ‘You Know Why’. Co-written by Kelly, Sister/ Producer Natalie Erez and Steve Bush (Corrine Bailey Rae, Stereophonics), ‘You Know Why’ shows the soul and passion that Kelly puts into her performances in the studio and in front of an audience. Although unsigned, writing with established artists and writers such as Steve Bush and Aubrey Nunn comes easily to Kelly and these relationships are a positive marker for the kind of reaction to her music for the future.

With a solid foundation in R&B, the diversity of Kelly’s music really shines through, track by track. From R&B to the most delicate of Soul tracks, the quality of the song writing, pop sensibilities and glossy production are all encapsulated by Kelly’s passionate performances and vibrant, friendly personality. In fact, Kelly’s glossy transatlantic sound is in direct contradiction to her grounded upbringing in Stratford in the East End of London. Kelly Erez is an R&B/Soul artist who lives for her music. Her performances and creative output encapsulate her passion for her art, something that is clear to all that meet her and know her music. It’s no accident that Kelly Erez was in the Top 3 of the Reverbnation UK R&B/Soul Chart for much if 2011; a chart position that is driven by her popularity with music fans and her growing fanbase online. Kelly’s debut release, of ‘This Is Me’ launched Worldwide via all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Zune, etc.). It’s true to say that ‘This Is Me’ is a record ‘for the people, by the people’. The reaction to Kelly and her debut EP has been fantastic! With regular ‘Track Of The Week’ features on BBC Radio stations (incl. BBC Radio 1Xtra & BBC Radio 6), Zune Marketplace ‘Track Of Week’ at launch and growing critical acclaim online is adding the groundswell of support. Kelly is being hailed by the online R&B press as ‘putting the soul back into R&B‘ and championed for her debut EP. With Kelly’s online presence gathering momentum with over 75,000 fans online and the fantastic reaction to Kelly and her music, 2012 looks set to be a sterling year for this talented, unsigned starlet.

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