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"Rachel Williams may only be 21, but her voice is much more mature than her age would suggest. She comes across as an experienced, mature individual and that only lends legitimacy to the songs she sings. Lonely at the Bottom is Rachel's second CD and it's a wonderful collection of 16 songs, 12 of which were written or co-written by Rachel.

Most of the content on this CD is modern, pop-influenced country, but Rachel's strong, mature voice has a touch of an edgy, bluesy feel, adding weight to the songs she sings. You immediately identify with the songs and feel the emotion in the lyrics. There is a nice mix of up-temp, mid temp, mid tempo, and slow numbers on the CD and Rachel moves easily through all of them. There's not a bad song on the CD, but some definitely stood out for me.

The CD starts off with the up-tempo, kick-ass song "That's Why I Picked This Guitar." Rachel belts out this song with conviction. About a woman who picks her guitar (and music career) over her whiny boyfriend, you believe that she sent him packin'! Several of the songs on the CD have wonderful, true-to life lyrics that paint a picture and make you feel the emotions Rachel is singing about. "The Only Thing Harder Than Leaving, "Lonely At The Bottom," and "Sad Songs" are all examples of the fusing of great
lyrics, great music, and a great voice."Kill Me in the Morning" is one of the shining moments on the CD. A beautifully haunting song about a woman trying to forget the man in her past by drinking him away. Although I wouldn't want an entire album of this type of song, the song was perfect for Rachel's voice and she could certainly throw a few more like this into the mix.

The CD closes with "World Famous," a slightly darker look at the struggles of trying to make it in the music industry. In her home town, everyone knows her, but in the music world, no one even knows she exists. She keeps trying, though, because even if she doesn't make it in the big leagues, she is "world famous" in her home town. In all, this is a wonderful sophomore CD from a young artist who clearly has the talent to be in this business for a long time.

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Review from International Country Music Database, June 2007

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