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Beth Hart has been down a long road... from the top of the charts to the lowest place you can be in life. And that journey has been reflected in every album she's released. From her album "Immortal", full of the pomposity of rock cut with the agony of blues, "Screamin' For My Supper" her 2nd album, and "Leave The Light On" her 3rd album, Beth leads you by the hand through her experiences, re-living every joy and weeping over every sorrow. You see it in her lyrics, you hear it in her music, and you feel it in every sweet sigh and every savage scream that's on every track she's ever made. Her edgy, no-non-sense approach to her art is what has made her truly one-of-a-kind.

No other recording in her entire career does a better job of capturing Beth Hart's music live than "37 Days." The entire album was recorded and mixed in only 37 days. It was produced like a live album. All the people who worked on the album respected, trusted and loved each other: John Nichols on Guitar, Tom Lilly on Bass, Todd Wolf on Drums and Percussion, the talented Danish Producer, Rune Westberg (As Beth says of Rune, "He's helped me be a better artist all around... I love this guy!"), Beth's friend and Manager, David Wolff, her husband, Scott Guetzkow, and all those talented people at Center Staging. There was a spontaneous chemistry on this record that only happens on stage.

And no other song on the album better captures that spirit than the first single, "Good As It Gets." This song is all about going for it… all of it. And whether you get there or not, what really matters is that you tried. As Beth says, "this song is about knowing that I'm all right inside. Things are the way they are for a reason." In many ways that reason is her family. Her husband, Scott, is Beth's greatest "confidence-builder," kind and gentle but a rock of stability. This song will inspire everyone who's ever chased a dream, because it puts as much importance on the journey as it does the destination. The other songs on the album also reflect Beth's unique points of view:

"Sick" is Beth's political statement about the George Bush administration. Enough said. "Face Forward Son" is her solution to the Bush administration. "Jealousy" is about being willing to talk about your defects. Beth notes, "if you listen to this song over and over, you'll know exactly what NOT to do." "At The Bottom" shows you where Beth goes when she's in a bad place. "Crashing Down" is about blues legend Robert Johnson. As the story goes, he went down to the crossroads and sold his soul to the Devil. The character in this piece is a woman who's being chased by the Devil but is unwilling to sell her soul. "Easy" is about a woman trying to kill herself. Beth is saddened by "how easy sometimes it would be to do it (so)." "Missing You" is Beth's statement about the children of war, about "saying goodbye to your innocence." "Forever Young" involves two kids who have made the commitment to keep chasing what they love. And, just like Beth these days, "it's what makes you feel young, alive."

"One-Eyed Chicken" is about struggling with change. Or, as Beth describes it, "What do you do when you've got an angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other?" "Over You" is much more than a relationship song. For Beth it reflects, "My relationship with my music and how it runs me through a whole rollercoaster of emotions." "Soul Shine" was written by Warren Haynes and Beth says its message, "positively humbles me." Finally, when asked about "Waterfalls", Beth breaks into that big laugh of hers. "I have no fucking idea what that song's about!"

"37 Days" is the kind of record that only comes out once in a great while it totally captures the energy of a live performance without sacrificing the production values of a studio album. But, more importantly, audiences will be drawn to its messages of inspiration and of life. It captures every emotion through hard driving rock and roll, soulful blues accents, power ballads and sweeping anthems.

It goes to the very soul of a great artist, who's finally found herself in her music, and doesn't regret one day of the pain and passion she had to experience to get there. To Beth this has been her greatest accomplishment. "All my life I was envious of what other people had. Now I realize I have it all. I feel peace for the first time in my life."

What does the future hold for Beth? She plans to perform and perform and perform and perform... now that she knows that "life has really gotten good and it can only get better and better."

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