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With more than 128,000 scans, "The Altar and The Door" is one of the highest album debut and the top artist release in the country, second only to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack.

Casting Crowns has proven that artistry, ministry, career and personal life can all co-exist successfully when the mission is clear. We are truly thankful to be a partof this at a time when record sales are hard to come by and consumers have so many choices. Clearly, Casting Crowns’ message of hope and encouragement, coupled with Mark Miller’s magnificent production, is resonating with listeners, " shares Terry Hemmings, President and CEO of Provident Music Group. 

Another equally impressive achievement is in the digital arena where "The Altar and The Door" recently peaked at No. 3 on the iTunes Top 100. This success follows the band’s back-to-back Platinum certifications on its first two albums. Its self-titled debut and its follow-up Lifesong, both of which were also in the Top 20 on the Nielsen Christian SoundScan Charts.

In all honesty, Mark Hall says, “It wasn’t just about them. The end result in that lyric is my own lament that I could have a greater friendship with God, but I don’t…. It’s the frustration of my own life. Why in the world do I have to force myself to spend time with God. If I had an everyday friendship with Jesus, I’d be a better encourager, I’d be a better forgiver, and I wouldn’t be as selfish as I am. …God has blessed me with amazing self-awareness, a firm grasp of the obvious, but I don’t always get it.”

It’s this kind of honest intentionality that is the core of The Altar and The Door, Casting Crowns’ most daring project to date. A collection of songs that dare to mark the distance between Sunday and Monday mornings, between the content of our heads, the content of our hearts and the disconnect between in between.

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