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Less than two years ago, he was the 16-year-old boy next door, a teenager from the small town of Tappahannock, Virginia (population: 2,000), with a world of talent and big dreams, fueld by the artists he grew up with, from Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway to Michael Jackson and Usher.

Chris Brown now at age 18, with the release of "Exclusive", his sophomore album for Jive Records, is ready to take his place alongside those heroes.

Chris Brown... “Exclusive" is something that not everybody can get,” he says, explaining the title. “I feel it’s an album especially for my fans. It's not for the critics or the haters… or people that get it just to fit in. It’s only for those who truly want to hear my music.”

"Exclusive" is the follow-up to his self-titled debut, released in November 2005, which debuted at #2 in Billboard and was recently certified double platinum, having sold 1.9 million copies in the U.S. and more than three million worldwide.

The album, "Exclusive" features collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas', fellow platinum artist T-Pain ("Kiss, Kiss") as well as hit songwriter/producers Sean Garrett ("Wall to Wall"), the Underdogs ("I'll Call Ya" and "Take You Down") and Adonis and Bryan Michael Cox ("Tho'd," "Fallen Angel"). The songs show how far Chris Brown has come in the two years since his last album. This time around he is co-writing on several tracks.

The first single, the Sean Garrett-penned "Wall to Wall," is a cheeky look at how success attracts female admirers ("I don't hear nothing but ladies calling"), while Brown shows his appreciation for the opposite sex in the tongue-in-chic "Picture Perfect," a collaboration with and Tank, a tribute to a stunning supermodel. "We wanted to write something that was kinda fun, but talked about me," explains Chris. "I may not be dating cover girls now, but hopefully in the future, I will be."

The budding superstar continues to fuse his R&B soul roots with a hip-hop edge on the stunning old-school ballad, "Fallen Angel," as he reaches out to embrace someone who's been misunderstood. "The song's about a girl who's being criticized and talked about because of who she is," he explains. "She may have started out as a bad person, but I can see the good in her."

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