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The Jonas Brothers are an American boy band formed in 2005. They have gained popularity from the Disney Channel children's television network. The Jonas Brothers' third studio album, "A Little Bit Longer",  was released in the United States. The Jonas Brothers earned an estimated $12 million in 2007, and donated  10% of their earnings to their charity, Change for the Children Foundation.


For Jonas Brothers, the last year has been all whirlwind, all the time. Yet somehow, on the road to becoming a pop culture phenomenon, the trio never broke a sweat other than on the stage, giving their all, and living their dream. If anything, Jonas Brothers have embodied the calm within the storm. And since the release of their 2007 self-titled platinum CD, Kevin, Joe and Nick have used their time wisely. As they prove on their new Hollywood Records CD, A Little Bit Longer, Jonas Brothers have grown exponentially as songwriters, musicians and recording artists.

"The lyrical content has gotten more in-depth," says Nick Jonas of the new album. "It's about who we are as people and our personal lives, things we've gone through in the past 12 months." That year was about much more than simply handling a media frenzy with grace and humor. The brothers also took stock of themselves. In the new album's 12 songs – all written by Jonas Brothers, they put their feelings on the line, while still rocking the house as only they can.

Produced by John Fields (with Jon Lind and Kevin Jonas, Sr., serving as executive producers), "A Little Bit Longer" covers much musical and emotional ground, kicking off with the joyful jam "BB Good." Says Joe of the track, "It's a big sing-along song, and it's fun." The funky and danceable debut single, "Burnin' Up," keeps the party going, with Big Rob, the brothers' hefty security guard, rapping midtrack. "It's about this girl," adds Joe. "Maybe she's at a party, and you feel that immediate connection. You both know it's there."

Though relentlessly upbeat, most songs on "A Little Bit Longer" explore star crossed standoffs and missed romantic opportunities. Songs like "Shelf," the hard-rocking "Pushin' Me Away" and "One Man Show" survey love's unequal playing field, bad break-ups and the defiant isolation that follows. "Shelf" is one my favorite songs on the record," says Nick. "Basically, it's about a girl that has a gallery of hearts."

Other songs take a light-hearted look at the craziness of fame and fortune. "Video Girl" paints a portrait of the shallow wannabees dotting the entertainment landscape (Move to L.A., got no talent/Not even like you won a Miss Teen pageant), while "Lovebug" starts out as sweet-tempered acoustic love song before ending up a crashing Queen-like rocker.

Of course, the brothers made sure the album breathes. The power ballad "Sorry" features classic JB harmonies and an eternal message of forgiveness. But the song that will have people talking is "A Little Bit Longer," Nick's stunning account of his struggle with diabetes. With strings underscoring a plaintive piano/vocal, he sings about his battle ("A little bit longer and I'll be fine/Waitin' on a cure/But none of them are sure").  Recalls Nick, "I was having one of those days where I was discouraged. So I went into this empty hotel ballroom and wrote this song." Adds brother Kevin, "Nick sings this song every night and it brings people to tears. It's amazing."

Jonas Brothers appeal is growing by leaps and bounds internationally as well. Jonas Brothers have seven platinum and gold certified records outside the US, as well as a sold out European tour, and sold out 80,000 seat stadium shows in Latin America. Sure, they had a blast with all of it. But bottom line: The Wycoff, N.J., natives are musical soul brothers every bit as much as they are blood brothers. For them, it has always been about the music.

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