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Josh Gracin's new CD, "We Weren't Crazy" allows audiences to take a more personal look inside the life of the "American Idol" season 2 finalist and former Marine. Josh entered America’s homes as one of the most charismatic and distinctive performers and the first to bring country music to the pop-oriented hit show.

Josh Gracin one of only two new country artists in recent times to release a debut album with three Top 5 country hits (including the No. 1 hit “Nothin’ To Lose”). He’s also one of only two new male country singers to be introduced in the last two years to earn a gold album, and Gracin’s self-titled debut is quickly edging in on platinum status.

This album is more me," says Gracin. "I was able to focus on making the album I wanted to make. For the first album, I was still in the service, so I had to fly in and out of Nashville to record when I could. This time around it had my undivided attention." Josh worked with producers Marty Williams and Brett James on the CD's eleven tracks.

“It’s been an amazing couple of years,” says the broad-shouldered former Marine with the dark eyes and bright smile. “Country music fans have been really receptive and encouraging. I feel like, for a first step, we did really well. But it was just a first step.”

For his next step, Gracin wanted to make a bigger, bolder stride. His sophomore album does just that. It’s a clear, powerful move forward that emphasizes all the energy, humor, outspokenness and depth that makes Gracin one of the great musical discoveries of his generation.

The young star known for his energetic stage performances made sure his new work focused on his strengths: live-wire, rocking country that blends wit and wholesome fun; inspiring story songs about being true to yourself; moral tales rich with Middle-American values and a strong spiritual core; and songs that celebrate the down-to-earth lifestyle that Gracin pursues and personifies.

The album includes such high-speed, fun-filled romps as the first single, “Favorite State of Mind,” which opens with an explosive drum roll and a rowdy blast of down-home rock while paying tribute to the notion that sometimes the greatest vacation is time alone with the one you love.

The rowdy cut, “All About Y’all,” is a cheeky paean to red-blooded women and how men strive to please them. Set to a mix of rollicking banjo and power chords, the song highlights Gracin’s one-of-a-kind ability to bring a life affirming swagger to high-speed lyrics and fist-pumping anthems. Similarly, the hooky, celebratory “Getaway” perfectly encapsulates the excitement of a couple spontaneously taking off for a romantic weekend.

Meanwhile, the tender “Sweet September” recalls how we never forget the details, or the complex feelings, that come with the first romantic experiences of youth. Elsewhere, Gracin boldly looks at faith and love from different points of view, from the powerful moral reminder of “I Am God” to how love can be everlasting, as touted in the moving “When I’m Gone.”

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