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"Don’t Look Away", Voegele’s first full-length album (MySpace Records), is a revelation, as the 20-year-old writer/singer, belying her tender years, delivers songs of depth and insight with a powerfully seductive voice that maintains a fierce presence amid dynamic rock grooves and infectious pop hooks.

Rock based music that is solid and good throughout a whole album is very difficult to find these days. So many bands and artists try to get experimental and get themselves away from the pop/rock influences that they do best. This isn't the case with Kate Voegele. She sucks you into her new album "Don't Look Away" with the very catchy bouncy opening track "Chicago" and quickly will remind you of Josie and The Pussycats (movie version) with her poppy influence and spunky delivery in the vocals. From here the album just keeps on going the way it started. You will instantly find yourself tapping along with the first couple of songs and by the time she hits the mid portion of the album with "Might Have Been" you will be on your feet jumping along with Voegele. This is a perfect album, from the layout of the tracks to the vocals to the bouncy guitars and thumping bass lines that will force you to move. Voegele is going to be a star as long as they give her a chance to do so, so my advice to you is to stop whatever you are doing and get on board with Kate Voegele now because she is the next big thing.

Don’t Look Away, from Kate Voegele, is an album filled with girl power anthems about moving on and learning from the mistakes that come with the business of falling in love. Voegele’s vocals are so passionate that listeners can picture singing right along with her as their situation mirrors many of the scenarios Voegele croons about.

On “Only Fooling Myself,” there is soft piano play from Eric Robinson as Voegele wails about wishing the male in her life would feel about her as she feels about him, yet she knows deep down she is in denial, as she croons lines like, “I stop to catch my breath. And I stop to catch your eye. No need to second guess that you’ve been on my mind…And then hold it in my hand… One day I’ll turn around. I’ll see your hand reach out. I’m only fooling myself, oh. But maybe when you smile it means you’d stay awhile. Just maybe you’d save me now.” Even though the song is about how Voegele isn’t ready to give up on the fantasy of this man, the tone is surprisingly upbeat.

On “Top of the World,” Hammond organ play begins the song courtesy of Robinson, as he also lends his acoustic guitar work to the track, as does Voegele and Altman. On this song, Voegele seems to be talking about how the gentleman in her life seems to have it all, but doesn’t seem to pay attention to anyone else, least of all her, with lines like, “Out of the corner of my tired eyes. I’m not surprised...I’m so very wrapped around your finger this time. Oh, won’t you give me awhile to unwind? You’re on top of the world and I’m just waiting, making up your excuse. You say that love’s tough, are you sure? Ain’t it just a piece of cake to make me look like a fool? You’re on top of the world if you're thinking I’ve been blinking while you’re breaking the rules, don’t that make you the fool?”

Kate Voegele’s "Don’t Look Away", has songs that are perfect for girls who have been slashed to pieces by love and wish to express their indignation through song. Voegele’s zealous vocals signal to listeners she has gone through love’s trials and tribulations, and through hard work and perseverance, she has come out the other end scarred, but stronger.

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