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And the Winner is Rob Juice.... 'BEST JAZZ ALBUM' Each year the Chicago Music Awards (CMA) is held and pays tribute to the best of the best entertainers in Chicago. This year, at the 30th Anniversary of the Chicago Music Awards held on Sunday, January 16, 2011, at the famous and historic Excalibur, in Chicago, Illinois... Rob Juice won 'BEST JAZZ ALBUM' for his Album 'BadBoy Love' and took his place alongside Artist including: Smashing Pumpkins, Chaka Khan, Robert Townsend, R Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, Curtis Mayfield,  The Mighty Dells, Jerry Butler, Albertina Walker, The Chi-Lites, Pop Staples, and Kanye West. The "Bad Boy Love" CD is Smooth Jazz topped off with Juice's high-end urban almost Hip Hop beats. The winning album 'Badboy Love' is tasteful, and downright 'Devilishly Sensual'. Bringing to mind the Grown and Sexy sounds of Jazz for 2011!!  Rob Juice and his trumpet will leave you Feeling like you just Dipped in something Hot - Dried off in something Cool - Laid out in something Wet.... Juice's admits he is flirtatiously true to the Miles Davis tradition of trumpet players that custom create their own genres rather than fit into one! Juice says he writes Music in Color and Blurs the line between ART, Jazz and R&B.. WOW!. In an unprecedented way, "Bad Boy Love" has the 'one hear appeal'.. The sound we look for in today's Soulful Jazz music.

Juice played trumpet hard from the start. He also writes music from his heart and not from his ear. As a young man, they called him a 'city boy with country boy ways'. Rob Juice fell in love at an early age with music and began playing the trumpet when he was in the 7th grade. Rob is well known for his songwriting talents, and has worn the hats of , producer, composer and actor. Rob Juice is a seasoned professional, live performer and jazz trumpet specialist. Rob has written theme songs for 2 Chicago TV talk shows 'My Brothers Keeper' and 'Lets Talk Baby Girl'. His name roles in the credits weekly in Chicago. Being a superb and recognized musician, Rob Juice has also performed in hundreds of concerts with many top acts out of Chicago and around the country. Playing trumpet with acts such as Chilites, Otis Clay, Willie Clayton, War, Tyrone Davis, The Dells, The Emotions, Nick Colionne and many other top acts. In the album "Bad Boy Love", hits flow out of Rob Juice like popcorn and hooks pour like a Smooth butter knife. "Juicy Kiss Of Life" reveals Juice's extraordinary music writing art-form and with out question in line with today's urban R&B avant-garde Jazz music. When Juice confesses he will make his horn beg, trust….you have never heard anyone beg so sensually sweet as he blows his circle breath of passion into every silky note of each track. Rob Juice has that special something that is as recognizable as deep tan lines on the best body found under the melting sun. Want to know more but afraid to ask?

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